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Lipman Nurit Cashless Atm

Lipman Nurit 2085, with Kiosk
One of the most reliable, versitile,
cost effective machines available.

  How Do Atm Scrip Machines Work?
Cashless Atm Scrip machines work very much like regular atm machines. But, there are some differences that make atm scrip machines a much more attractive alternative for merchants.

  The Atm Scrip Machine Has No Cash Inside - Instead
 of dispensing cash, the scrip machine produces a 2 part scrip receipt for the card holder doing the transaction, one part for the customer's records & the other part to take to the cash register to be honored just like it was cash.  The cashier takes the scrip receipt in place of cash for goods and/or services and gives cash back depending on how much the scrip receipt is good for.

  The Merchant's Money Is ACH'd To Their Account - Our scrip program provides for the money the merchant honors on scrip receipts to be electronically deposited into their bank account through the banking system.  Our atm scrip machine helps eliminate the need for costly merchant accounts that charge a percentage of each sale from the merchant, and leaves the merchant vulnerable to charge backs (customer disputes charge) With atm scrip machines, it's very rare to have a charge back because this is a PIN based machine, requiring a PIN number to be used anytime a transaction is made. 

  What are the Benefits for the Merchant? - There are several benefits for the merchant that are not available using merchant accounts, or regular cash dispensing atm machines.  The merchant makes money on each transaction, no hassles involved with keeping an atm filled with cash or the incresed security risks and higher insurance rates associated with cash dispensing machines. Cashless Atm Scrip machines take up very little space & can sit right on your counter by the cash register, where the merchant's funds stay 'behind the counter' decreasing the risk of theft.

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